Ausmericans let us all rejoice –

Dear Ausmericans (& family), please check out our facebook page, and then take a moment to connect with the group/s in the Aussie side of our Ausmerican network for the AUS state/s in which you live curently (or have lived)…

* It’s an easy way you can connect with a bunch of equally bewildered & bemused American folk nearby – & with whom you can share local Oz knowledge in a culturally-empathetic supportive yet geographically relevant / accessible community! *
– whether it be understanding of the local “lingo”, or the “often deadly” fauna,
coming to grips with the local “tucker”
– or maybe even tracking down some authentic American cuisine!

Once you’ve done that, please also follow our twitter @TeamAusmerica.


A fun resource every American in Oz should check out is:


(+ twitter: @YankInAustralia )

“… an insightful analysis & interpretation
of the land down under
by one of the American minds of our time”

“… a rich distinctly American take on the pecularities of Aussie life”


If you are an American who is living (or has lived) in Australia
you can connect with your appropriate group/s below…

Americans In Australia state groups:

* ACT – Australian Capital Territory / Canberra – facebook group TBD

* NSW – New South Walesfacebook group TBD
– NSW – Newcastle – Americans In Newcastle facebook group
– NSW – Sydney – Americans in Sydney facebook group
– NSW – Sydney – American Families in Sydney facebook group
– NSW – Sydney – Sydney American Expat Events facebook group

* NT – Northern Territory /Darwin – facebook group TBD.

* QLD – Queensland – Americans In Queensland facebook group
– QLD – Brisbane – Americans In Brisbane facebook group / meetup group
– QLD – Brisbane – Ausmerican moms in Brisbane facebook group

* SA – South Australia – Americans in South Australia facebook group
– SA – Adelaide – Newcomers Network Adelaide Australia
– SA – Adelaide – North American Expats in Adelaide & South Australia facebook group.

* TAS – Tasmania / Hobart – Australian American Association (Hobart Division) facebook group.

* VIC – Victoria / Melbourne – Americans in Melbourne facebook group.

* WA – Western Australia / Perth – Americans Living In Perth facebook group.


* Yanks In Oz facebook group.

* Yanks Down Under facebook group.

* Australian American facebook group.

* American Christians Living in Australia facebook group.


… see also these Americans in New Zealand groups if appropriate to you…

– NZ – Wellington – Americans in Wellington NZ facebook group.


Aussies In The USA state groups:

… if you are an Aussie who is living (or has lived) in the USA – please head over to the Aussies In The USA network to link with the appropriate group/s there – and also follow its twitter @AussiesInTheUSA.